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The Burns Side, A Hundred Year Collaboration

​The Burns Side, A Hundred Year Collaboration

After Jamie’s Grandma, Norma, passed away, he discovered a collection of photographic negatives on 120 film, cut and stuffed into a box and an old Ilford photographic paper envelope.

Jamie has spent the last 2 years scanning, restoring and archiving these works. Some of these photographs date back to his Grandma’s time of working in photography in the 1960s, her 1940s youth and with many predating her birth as Jamie’s Great-Great-Grandfather Robert Burns captures 1920s and 30s  Northumberland and Scotland.

Jamie Melville Ormston continuous to work  on this archive and is inspired over and over as he  continues a century-long collaboration, documenting Northumbrian and Scottish   folk culture and landscape.   

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