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Windsong is Jamie Melville Ormston’s most recent body of work and forms the final major project of his Master of Arts: Photography study.

Windsong is an autobiographical, nostalgic body of work and a personal, introspective journey into Jamie’s experiences growing up. The photographs in Windsong represent such imperishable memories and treasured pieces of “home”. Jamie’s project Windsong attempts to reflect this, having spent a significant period of his life on the North Sea coast and frequently traveling through Northumberland and the Scottish Border counties, just as his family always had, over and over, for generations. 

Through photography, but inspired by poetry and traditional folk music, Windsong explores themes of place attachment, music performance and memory, demonstrating how these, together, construct a sense of personal identity and belonging. Jamie Melville Ormston’s new work is curated alongside found family archive in collaboration with three ancestral generations before him.



“Humans, not places, make memories.”

Ama Ata Aidoo

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